Cave weddings

Stephen's Gap
(Photo courtesy of Nathan Williams)

Lately, I've been hearing about more cave and cavern weddings. The above photo from Brinabat's amazing wedding is just one example…

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  1. WHAT! This is yet another "why didn't I think of that?" moment. You can get married in caves!

  2. I SERIOUSLY thought about that when visiting Luray caverns (in VA) a couple of years ago, but sadly all the Valium in the world wouldn't get my claustrophobic father into a cave.

  3. Wow, Im torn between my love of nature and my fear of cannibal mutant rat people….

    1 agrees
  4. what a great idea!!! you always open our eyes to such great ideas! thanks Ariel!

  5. Holy crap, indeed.
    No one told me about caves! Someone needs to make a public service announcement. Or rather, I wish THIS public service announcement had come sooner.

  6. YES! I love the whole goddess/yonic imagery of marriage in a dark, wet cavern… not to mention the matching dork-lamps in the last photo.

  7. We really wanted to do this until we realised one little detail… 90% of our families are quite claustrophobic!!! I recommend for any Aussie Brides wanting to do this- there is a cave called the Cathedral Chamber with brilliant acoutstics for weddings!

  8. Ariel,
    I gotta say I am really hoping you do a profile on Brinbat. Her dress is amazing, the photos are gorgeous and the cave setting is fantastic. And I love her hiking boots – even more than I love Fluevogs.

  9. that first photo is soooooooooo striking! i am not really a nature person, but that makes ME start to consider getting married in the caves…

  10. Wooohoooo!! So fun to see my fun cave wedding up on your site!

    One thing though – the Nathan Williams link is the wrong person. (Eeeeek!) His site is Realms of Reality – you can also look him up on Flckr too – where he has current caving photos.

  11. I'm definitely diggin' the cave wedding thing. It sounds like such a neat idea!

  12. I JUST recently drove by Luray Caverns in western VA, and for a split second I wondered what a wedding in the caverns would be like. Now I see the vision!

  13. ok, i wish i
    A. lived near caves
    B. had the guts to go in one

    those are AWESOME!

  14. The couple in the second picture is just darling. I love her dress… and Fairyland Caverns — how fabulous!!!

  15. I'm planning a cave wedding myself! I didn't know it was becoming a popular thing, that's great. My fiance and I love caves and we live in Missouri, which is full of them.

  16. i had a cave wedding in the show caves in wales we dressed as the flintstones was great day very memorable and funny

  17. My fiance and I decided to go the cave wedding route about two months ago. We're going to be married in Howe Caverns. :) I didn't realize it was so popular.

  18. As of yesterday (yay!) we're planning to have our wedding in the show caves in Wales. I'm so excited. It's lovely to see others choosing to marry underground :)

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