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Guestpost by Heather Pistulka on Oct. 20th

I recently featured a photo of a bride named Heather wearing her black wedding dress, and a commenter suggested interviewing her. Always one to oblige my readers, I tracked her down, and fired away a few questions about what it was really like to wear a black wedding dress.

Photo by Heather Pistulka

Photo by Heather Pistulka

What made you decided on a black dress?
I'd originally bought a white dress about a year before the wedding, but every time I tried it on I didn't feel like me and I was uncomfortable.

About three weeks before the wedding I was having breakfast with some friends explaining how I felt and I said "Why can't I wear a black dress?"

I wasn't really considering it but they said, "You can do whatever you want."

That got me thinking, so I went to and found other brides in not only black but red, purple, and every other color imaginable.

Aww! Yay, I'm so glad I could help. Where did you find your dress?
My dress was actually a bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal but I took it to my dry cleaners and they added the lace up back where the zipper had been. I also found the sash at David's Bridal.

Did anyone try to talk to out of it?
Actually, no. I was pretty surprised how supportive everyone was. These days people know that weddings are less and less traditional and that a wedding should absolutely reflect the couple. White was just not something I wear, and people just seemed excited about something different.

What was your husband's response?
It was a surprise, I let him keep believing that I was wearing white but he knew I was up to something, he was expecting black accents on a white dress or something like that. When I started walking down the aisle he said he was surprised momentarily but he loved the dress. I believe he uses the word "hot" to describe it. ;o)

What about your family?
When I told my mom she wasn't surprised she just said "Ok, I can see that." When I told my mother-in-law I wasn't sure what to expect, she said "Heather, do people really wear black wedding dresses?" and I said sure and quoted everything I'd read on OBB. After that she was all for it. The thing is, everyone knows me and they know I love black but that I would still keep it elegant so no one was really worried — not even my more conservative friends.

Any advice for other brides considering a black dress?
Do it! It was the best decision I made (other than marrying my husband) because I felt GOOD about myself and I felt LIKE myself so I was able to enjoy the day. Also, try to find a dress that still has that "bridal" feel. That way you won't feel like you're in a cocktail dress.

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