Undepressing wedding memorial

By on Jun 19th
My future mother-in-law wants me to do something at our wedding to honor the people who recently died in our family, one of them being her husband. And then she went on to mention that she would like us to honor her mother (who died over 20 years ago). AND THEN she said that I should also mention my two grandmothers, my uncle, and my cousin who all passed away. Um, is it me, or would that make for an INCREDIBLY depressing moment at a wedding?

Here's an easy solution that makes everyone happy: get some wedding photo charms (available from Etsy or from photojewelrymaking.com) to hang from your bouquet. You can put photos of all the deceased into the charms, and have them quietly but respectfully dangling from your bouquet for your entire wedding day. That way there's no need to harsh your guests' mellow by making a memorial announcement at the reception. Just make sure your photographer gets some shots of the bouquet. Then, you could even get a print of that photo framed special for your mother-in-law.

The result would be something like this photo from hystudio.com:

Thanks to hystudio for the photo!