Guest bouquet: let your guests help you build your bouquet

By on Jun. 10th

Gracious acceptance

Here's the ultimate DIY wedding bouquet idea: as your guests enter your ceremony venue, give each of them a flower. Or you could even ask each guest to bring a flower as their gift!


Then, when you walk to the altar, you can stop to collect a flower from each guest … assembling your community bouquet as you go.


This gives you an awesome opportunity to acknowledge and involve each guest while building the ultimate diy bouquet — I like this way better than a receiving line. As the bride said:

Collecting my bouquet from our guests was really fun, and some people have told me it was their favorite part of the ceremony. Even though I'd been around for the cocktail reception before the ceremony, it was really neat to "formally" greet and acknowledge everyone.


(Thanks to levinine for the photos!)