Carissa's DIY tapas & cupcakes wedding

By on Apr. 8th

The offbeat bride: Carissa, hairstylist/sometime burlesque dancer

Her offbeat partner: Adam, casino chump and art student

Location & date of wedding: Riverside, CA @ Cafe Sevilla. March 29, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We tried to go DIY with all we could. I have a love of all things antique so I went with a birdcage theme — I had them for centerpieces, on the DIY invites, I wore a birdcage veil, etc. I opted out of flowers galore and only got some for myself, the girls, and the guys wore single daisies. We had cupcakes, and no formal dinner. I let my girls wear what they wanted, I just said I'd prefer black. I walked my mother and grandfather down the aisle (to Cat Power's "sea of love!") to their seats.

Adam and I laughed the whole ceremony — which was the worlds shortest coming in at under 4 minutes!!

The reception was open bar, open tapas bar, and open cupcakes. We didn't have seating so that people would dance and serve themselves when they wanted. Our goal was to throw the most bad ass party ever — mission accomplished! Then we had an after party for everyone we couldn't invite to the actual wedding due to space and money.

All in all the night was lighthearted, filled with good music, and good company … and it didn't look like FTD exploded tulips everywhere and there was no tulle in sight :)

Our biggest challenge: The guest list. Because our parents paid, they really wanted more say than we would have liked. We ended up having to invite people I've never met because the hubby felt obligated by finances. It was hard to figure out who to invite and who to not which is why we threw an after party … for anyone who knew us but couldn't make it to the actual wedding. We didn't want anyone to feel left out.

My favorite moment: Being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Flores at the reception was awesome — as we walked in they played the Pirates theme song — you know, the classic "yo ho, yo ho…" and everyone sang along.

Oh, and the minister slipped in "honor and obey" solely for Adam's vows. HA! I had no idea. It was hilarious!

My offbeat advice: Have a vision! Write everything down, keep an inspiration book, etc. It will help when you go looking for things.

Be willing to compromise! I didn't get everything I dreamed of, but when it came down to it on the big day it didn't matter a bit.

Everyone will tell you what the think or what they think they KNOW, but it doesn't matter…dust it off your shoulder and remember why you're getting married.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn: How is it possible that everyone at this wedding is so dang hot?