How to style your dreads on your wedding day

By on Feb. 26th
Can you steer me in the direction of wedding hair for chicks with dreads?

My mom is fucking tripping (which is so completely weak considering that I'm 32 and paying for the shindig) so I thought I'd get her to chillax with some dready wedding goddess hair pix.


We've got you on this one!

For lots of inspiration for how you could style your dreads, keep on reading…

First, some more conservative ideas to make your mom happy:

A nice tidy dread bun with a sparkly wrap looked gorgeous on Kavisa:

K&S Wedding

Obviously, hair wraps are an easy way to keep your dreads back and your face tidy:

Flowers are always a win:


What about a heart-shaped bun?

The most amazing braided loc bun I have ever seen!  It's heart-shaped! Photo by Dante Williams Photography, used by permission.

The most amazing braided loc bun I have ever seen!  It's heart-shaped! Photo by Dante Williams Photography, used by permission.

Of course you could always cover them with a hat:

How about a simple twisted side pony, like dreadmama's? Stick some flowers in this, and you're FANCY:

We like the idea of ornate lovely things hanging from your dreads, stuff like this:

Then there are bantu knots. Love 'em! (Photo courtesy of

We also checked in with the Siouxzi — you may remember her for her Steampunk wedding, but she also does synthetic dreads! She had all sorts of great advice…

Possibilities are braids, buns, tying them up, messy updo's are pretty easy to get away with. Just because you have dreads doesn't eliminate the use of hair pins, flowers, even veils. A great site, not mine sadly, for beautiful ideas is or check out Sadly the lj community is pretty miss for hits these days, but check back in the archives, you might find some great ideas.

If your current dreads don't really go with your wedding, sew a cover for them. A cover is long and tubular and say about a foot long or so. Maybe make it out of material that matches your gown or instead of a regular veil, concoct a way to wrap your hair in veil leaving only the hair at your roots and the very end visible.

Just be sure to practice before the big day. And remember not to fight what your hair wants to do, work with your dreads not against them.

If you're looking for more dreadlock inspiration, check our dreadlock archive. If you're looking for Natural Hair inspiration, we've got that too!

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