Earrings for brides with stretched lobes

By on Feb. 28th

I have stretched earlobes, 2G to be precise. Not as big as they could be, but they're definitely not bridal-jewelry accessible. Even though my ears are larger-than-the-average-bride, I want to play with the wedding bling too! i've seen some beautiful large-gauged fancy filigree, and diamond studded plugs online, but I've yet to find anything that really looks "wedding day" to me. have you run into any other large-gauged brides who've faced this issue and succeeded fabulously? i'm desperate for some inspiration! -Laura Sina

I love it when I get questions that other people have already answered for me. There's a whole discussion happening right now on the OBT about earrings for stretched lobes — and I figured I'd borrow some of my favorite answers from there to share, plus some of my own findings.

Even if you're not wearing white, bone might be a good bet for wedding wear.

Check out the gorgeousness that Kirsten wore to her wedding:

These bone swans would be lovely and simple:

These are ridiculously expensive, but aren't they gorgeous?

If you don't want to go bone, I have to admit that I do like the blingy plugs:

Then there are these awwwww-inducing sweetheart plugs:

Pretty opalite tigerlilies: