Blurb's wedding book show & tell

By on Jan. 29th

Blurb photo bookRemember how in October I wrote about Blurb's wedding books? Well, as part of the promotion, Blurb let me try out their services for a free wedding book all my own.

Now, I made wedding books for my friends and family after our wedding in 2004, but I'd never actually made one for myself. I just knew the technology would get better, so I figured I'd hold off. And so, last month I finally sat down with Blurb's photobook software and made my own wedding book. If you want to hear about how it went and see how it looked (ooh, and get a discount to try it yourself), keep on reading.

Blurb photo bookI loved the way the books turned out. They're hard-cover with a nice, richly printed dust jacket. I got to control what went on pretty much every surface of the book, and was happy with all the different page templates I had to chose from. There were tons of layout options, everything from all text to all photos.

As you can see from my photos, the print quality is great. The text is crisp and clean. The paper is substantial and feels good in your hand, and the photos look great.

Blurb photo bookMy only complaints were that the Booksmart software, which you use to layout and upload your book, has a few little bugs. To be expected, I suppose: it's still in beta. And none of the bugs were anything that kept me from getting the book I wanted … but I had a couple moments of confusion.

All told though, I'm super stoked by the end result. In fact, I'm even thinking of using Blurb to make an Offbeat Bride coffee table book with pictures wedding pictures from the brides profiled here on the website. The quality of the books are just beautiful!

If you'd like to give it a shot, Blurb is offering an Offbeat Discount of $5 off any order over $30. Just use the discount code offbeat5. The offer expires at the end of March 2008. Go give 'em a try!