A steampunk wedding

By on Dec. 3rd


One of my favorite things about running this website is exposure to fabulous freaks I might otherwise not encounter. I mean, I know all about my brand of weird (left coast second gen hippie/retired raver/etc) but it’s such a treat to see other delicious flavors of non-traditional.

Gear Cakes

Case in point: Siouxzi Rodeman and Alan Donnelly’s Steampunk wedding in Chicago. (Some of you may remember Siouxzi — she’s the one who had that nightmare run-in at Macy’s a few months ago.)


I was aware of Steampunk as a literary genre, but only just barely and not as a full-blown lifestyle/fashion thang. Consider me now educated and inspired.


I completely fell in love with neo-victorian aesthetic once I started poking around in Siouxzi’s wedding photos — her wedding hat! The custom ties for the bridesmaids and groomsmen! The cakes! The minister’s monoggle! All the brass and the corsetry and the gears and springs! What an awesome visual treat.



The fact that Souxzi was able to organize this stunning, stylish wedding in three months (while also grieving her mother’s recent passing) is totally mind-boggling and is a sharp ruler on the knuckles of anyone who says you can’t plan a wedding in less than six months. Congratulations, Souxzi!

But oh, there’s more. So much more …

If you want to feel like you were actually there, check out this wedding video:

Siouxzi and Alans Wedding Ceremony from crank! on Vimeo.

twue love

If you’re curious about steam fashion, it looks like this LJ community is a good place to start poking around.

And when you’re ready to immerse yourself in hundreds of photos, you can go here for shots from the wedding, and here for details like cake-toppers, hats, invites, etc.

If you like this, you might like Souxzi’s 2009 halloween costume.