Short hairstyles for hottie brides

By on Nov. 8th

Photo by Jenny Jimenez

I have short hair and have no interest in growing it out for the wedding. When I do searches for short hairstyles, you would not believe the psychotic blowout do's that come up. Where can I find a good selection of cool short hairstyles online? -Nicole

Nicole, look no further! I'm not sure how short you mean by short (inch-long pixie cut or chin-length bob?) or whether you're curly or straight or wavy, but regardless short hair means you can go high drama with your style. I went and scoured the archives and a few of my favorite shots from the photo pool, and here's what I came up with for you …

Katie's short and shiny curls with an amazing vintage-look headband:
over the shoulder

Photo by Daria Bishop


Astrid's styled waves with a simple flower:

Photo by Alex Rubin


En has a classical shape with a hint of netting:
During the ceremony

Photo by Ross Pulsford


Jess' whole lotta gorgeous headdress with short wisps peeking out:
fixing the headdress

Photo by Richard O'Connor



Beca and her bob with a floral net veil:
Wear your false eyelashes.

Photo by Laura Ryan


Chrissy's side-swept, curlier bob with a single flower:
Thai Wedding


OBB's own Becca sporting bright pink sleek with a handmade rose:

Photo by Jeremy Lawson


Caitlyn with a spiked pixie cut and a floral fascinator:
Wife and The Blue Vixen

Photo by Justine Johnson



Two inspirations in one: finger curls with a veil on the left, and faux hawky hotness on the right:


Sarai's straight bob with a dramatic cocktail hat:
wedding hat

Photo by Jillian Kay


Jenn's straight bob with a mesh headband:
Jenn and Justin's Wedding

Photo by Lauren Wiest


Kimberley's sweet and wispy style with a delicate clip:
Blue bird Kim


Another double inspiration from Melissa and Lydia: sexy, waved bob and bangs with a headband:

Photo by Desiree Haigh



Short isn't boring. And it can also be ultra-colorful, à la Megan:
Rainbow Bride =D

Photo by her own grandpa Gary!


Natalie's sleek bob and orange flower:
BuxtonWedding_ (217 of 504)


Twila Jean's wavy bob with a floral net veil:


Emmalyn's renaissance crown details:
Bridal henna pose


Pinkee's dark bob with bright purple feathers:
Portrait before ceremony

Photo by Jonathan Weiner


Wanjiru embracing the shortest of short and showing off the gorgeous face:
getting dressed up

Photo by Dror Eyal

I could keep going, but I'll open this one to the peanut gallery — offbeat brides, what's your favorite short-hair wedding style inspiration? Let's shower Nicole with links!

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