Why I'm not into Trash The Dress

bride immolationOk, so you've all heard of Trash The Dress, the photography fad of doing a shoot with the bride after the wedding where she destroys her wedding dress.

I posted very briefly months ago about why I didn't like TTD, but I realize that I actually didn't go into much depth there, and based on a discussion I recently had with a wedding photographer, I realized I probably should say more—

While I totally respect the visual kick of TTD shots and absolutely understand why photographers would love the concept, I just find the whole idea grossly wasteful. Indulgently wasteful, actually.

I'm coming from the perspective of someone who specifically built my wedding ensemble to be re-wearable (and reworn it has been!), so I suppose I'm biased — but I think given all the options to rewear, recycle/donate, or recraft a wedding dress … it just feels like a tremendous waste. In fact, it feels like demonstrative waste — a way to cackle I spent $X on this dress, now watch me DESTROY IT because I can and because $X don't matter to me!

I suppose I don't really care whether it's a wedding dress, a guitar, or a couch — it seems wasteful to trash something so beautiful that could be reused, recycled, or reworked. I mean, think of Sonya Naumann and the amazing things she's doing with her wedding dress!

There are those that argue that many brides just pack their dresses away in little hermetically sealed boxes and stick them in storage … isn't TTD a better option? I suppose that's a valid point, but but I don't think those are the only two options available. Tucking the dress into storage forever is wasteful, too.

Also, I really didn't like some of the TTD idealogy that's gotten out there. Photographers have said things like "Show your husband how committed you are by trashing the dress" and "It's a photo session done AFTER the wedding and honeymoon are over to symbolically show your husband that you will NEVER need your wedding dress again." Ack! It's going to take a lot of soap to wash that ickyness out of my mind.

Obviously, I ain't got nuthin' against photographers who enjoy the spectacle of a TTD session. But for me? Meh, I'm really not into the idea and hope it's a wedding fad that just passes right on by. Sort of like cake smooshing.