Blurb's wedding photo albums

By on Oct. 3rd

Granted, it's only been three years since I got married, but in those three years technology has come a long way — especially where wedding photo albums are concerned! Back in 2004, if you wanted to make your own wedding album (because what DIY bride is going to buy an album from her photographer?), your options were pretty limited and the results were, well, pretty disappointing.

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Now, however, there's Blurb! And 2007 brides, I am jealous. Really jealous. Blurb's wedding photo books are way better than the options that were available after my wedding, featuring truly well-designed layouts, four different sizes, and a drag 'n' drop interface that is awesome and easy and fabulous. (And makes me cringe when I think of the hours I spent clunking around three years ago with the wedding books I made.)

Seriously, I am so jealous of what you ladies can do with your wedding albums now …

You can do all sorts of cool shit with Blurb — it's not just about making a wedding album after the fact. You can also create unique wedding guest books or a "Story of Us" book filled with photos and anecdotes about you and your beloved (imagine the baby pics … aww). Or you could even make a book filled with photos and stories about family, friends, and the wedding party, as a way to make your "tribe" of friends and family feel like they're really part of the event.

The results are totally coffee-table ready and trust me on this one: wedding albums make perfect family Christmas gifts after your wedding. My in-laws are still cooing about the books I made them in 2004 — and need I remind you again that the books I made SUCK compared to the books from Blurb? I'm so embarrassed for the 2004 me …

Oh, and for all you Flickr geeks, Blurb can totally pull your wedding or honeymoon photos from your Flickr photosets and wedding groups. Blurb's tools make it super easy to "slurp" all the wedding photos from guests from a Flickr group into one book. Seriously: in 2004, I was like, "Why can't I make a book from all my guests pictures in my wedding group?" Tada! Three years later, Blurb to the rescue!

So, summary: Blurb makes it easy to create your own wedding photo books that totally kick ass and make me and my crappy 2004 wedding books feel extremely jealous. I'm actually going to re-make my wedding album using Blurb this month — I'll let y'all know how it goes.

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