Brides Decide your political website is lame

By on Aug. 28th

I know I'm coming to the game a little late here, but I can't help it. While we can all agree that yes, empowerment is good … I think we can also all agree that is decidedly dumb. (You'll notice I'm not linking it — I refuse to give them clicks!) I realize that political demographers are all about finding niche voting blocs (soccer moms! upper class latinos! one-armed lactose intolerant gay men!), but targeting brides as a voter group is just ridonk.

I mean yes: women should vote! Go women! But other than progressives who refuse to get married to protest marriage inequality, getting engaged doesn't seem like much of a political of a statement, and "bride" is a pretty fleeting identity that women have for only a few months to a couple years — and if you're offbeat, it's often label worn with deep hesitation. Mostly, "bride" is a consumer market — not a lifestyle or political demographic.

Trying to pair political excitement with your consumer market just feels stupid. What's next? Rock The Vote Soy latte drinkers? Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Obama? Mr. Bento Owners Decide?