Offbeat Advertising

By on Jun. 14th

Putting advertising on this website wasn't a decision I took lightly, and I figured I'd explain myself for those who are interested. And so, you get a numbered list! Isn't this fun?

1. First, the obvious: I created the Offbeat Blog as a way to promote my book, Offbeat Bride
I know, obvious right?

2. People really seem to like the Offbeat Blog
Yay! This is awesome. Thousands of you come to the site each week looking for inspiration and ideas, and it makes me happy to be able to help. I'm sort of OCD when it comes to helping people, so it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that so many people are getting so much from this site.

3. Some folks who read the blog don't buy the book
I've gotten lots of advice questions from brides asking me about topics that I cover in the book, and when I say "Erm, did you read chapter 22?" I usually get a sheepish, "Oh, well I don't actually have the book — but I love your website!" This makes me wonder if I've almost made the blog too good or something — am I giving away information when I should instead be encouraging folks to buy the book? But that makes me mad: I'm not going to write a sub-par blog just because I'm trying to drive sales to my book. That feels icky.

4. My book promotional push is over.
The book hit bookstores almost six months ago, and all my other promotional activities have wound down — my book tour is done. My press push is over. I have other projects that are starting to call to me. This suggests that the time for Offbeat Blog is over …

but wait a minute! I don't want to stop blogging here! Then again, I pay my bills with my writing, and as an indie business woman, I know it's not smart to put energy into an endeavor that's not earning its keep. Sucks.

Therefore: Advertising. The editorial ads are picked and chosen by me, so there's a bit of an editorial filter. (Read more about my policy over here). I realize that some of the Google ads you'll see in a few places on the site aren't especially Offbeat, but my hope is that they'll be close enough as to get enough clicks for me to justify continuing the Offbeat Blog as a business endeavor.

Oh and if you haven't yet, for godsake: PLEASE BUY THE BOOK. Or a t-shirt. Or hell: just make use of an ad.

Regardless, thanks to each of you for making the Offbeat Blog such a success … and thanks for your patience as I figure out how to keep it going!