How to make ribbon veils and pony falls

By on Jun 12th
Hi Ariel! I absolutely love your hair in your wedding photos. The ribbons are fabulous!

While I wouldn't do the exact same thing, I would love something with the ribbons or something like it. I don't even know where to begin looking for either someone to do my hair for me or how I might possible do it myself.

Do you have any suggestions? — Alicia

Photo of my wedding outfit by Jon Lok

Photo of my wedding outfit by Jon Lok

Hey, Alicia — it's super easy to do your hair yourself if you go for a ribbon veil/pony falls like I did.

I had two pairs of falls, which were essentially just big elastic hair-ties with organza ribbon, yarn, and strips of fabric tied on to them. Seriously, that's all they were. They're super easy to make: get some big thick hair ties and buy some nice ribbon, and just tie the ribbon onto the ties. Tada! As for how to attach them, that's a bit more complicated — but not much.

For my falls, one set was shorter (18 inches or so) and one was longer (close to 30 inches, maybe?). Here's how I attached em:

  1. I put my hair into two high buns.
  2. I secured the longer falls by putting the rubber band around the base of the buns, letting the ribbons hang down my back
  3. I secured the short falls onto my buns the same way, and then wrapped the falls around my buns to make big huge buns.
  4. I did a little bit of criss-crossing and tying to make sure things were secure.

Ribbon VeilThese pages give more specific attaching instructions — they're about dread falls, but they're essentially the same thing as ribbon falls. If you play around and practice at home, you'll figure out how to do it pretty quickly — I think it took about 15 minutes for me to affix my ribbon falls for my wedding.

If you're looking for inspiration, here are a few links:

Oh and PS: To get the full story on my wedding outfit, be sure to buy the book!