Diamond as dick size

By on May. 29th
My fiancé gave me an engagement ring that I absolutely love. It is a unique eco-friendly band accompanied by a nice rock which is really just icing on the cake and just that. What I really value is the artistic design of the band itself as no two designs are alike.

When I shared my new engagement ring excitement with a girlfriend, I explained to her the artistic design/eco materials' significance of the ring. She interrupted and asked what size my rock was. Upon learning that I have a 1carat diamond, she then complained to her man for not getting her a diamond of such size. She appeared to have no interest in my story of the ring design itself and was only concerned with rock sizes.

How do I politely school/check other people who are obviously unappreciative of art, eco-friendly design and are more concerned with what is on top?

Omg, your lotus ring is like SO huge.

Omg, your lotus ring is like SO huge.

First, a slight caution: you're walking a delicate line when you call attention to something (in this case a ring) and then get frustrated when people don't admire it in the ways you want.

You add an extra layer of complexity when you discuss the size of the diamond you supposedly don't care about.

See, when you talk exact carats, you're getting into the dick-size game, whether you mean to or not. It's sort of like pulling down your pants and saying, "Oh that? My 10.75-inch-long penis? Ignore that — I'm trying to tell about you my scrotal piercing!" Many of us are conditioned to fixate on cock rock size, and when you provide an exact size measurement, you're not helping your "it doesn't matter to me!" cause.

So — the next time a friend asks you how big the diamond is, if you really don't care, just shrug and say "I don't actually know." Then get back to talking abut the artistry and eco-friendliness of the design. You're not only refusing to play the numbers game, you're also making it clear that it's of oh-so little importance to you that you don't even know the exact size — which will hopefully deflate some of the consumer lust from the situation.