Tracy Ducasse's bee-friendly backyard nuptials

By on Mar. 7th

anniversaryThe offbeat bride: Tracy Ducasse, Registered Nurse (and Offbeat Bride lab rat!)

My offbeat groom: Thomas Ducasse, Oil Burner Technician

Location & date of wedding: In my grandparent's backyard in Oakham, MA … in 1987!

What made our wedding offbeat: We got married outside, no religious affiliations. Our ceremony was in front of the huge birch tree, at my grandparents house, and had our pictures taken by friends and family — no photographers, except amateur ones. We paid for the wedding ourselves. My girlfriend made my wedding bouquet, and gave it to me as a gift. This year marks our 20th anniversary, so it seem frugal is the way to go for a lasting marriage.

Our biggest challenge: During the ceremony, our justice of the peace give me the "hurry up" hand signal while I was waiting for my music to cue me. My father and I stood our ground. and politely ignored her until it was time to walk in.

anniversaryMy favorite moment: My favorite moment was realized in hindsight. I was watching my guests eye me warily as they leaned in for a congratulatory kiss, only to discover after-the-fact my babies breath crown was attracting bees. I was unaware, due to the fact they were behind me, loving my flower headdress.

My offbeat advice: Plan a budget, do it yourself, and remember the wedding is about you and your groom, not your parents or in laws wants and needs.

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