Offbeat readings

By on Feb. 16th

Seattle photographer Ben Haley (who's wedding story is told in the first chapter of the book) has followed me around to many of my offbeat readings here in town, documenting the whole strange process.

I love the pictures he's snagged of tiara-ed and be-veiled listeners, merch displays, and of course the puppet. Check 'em all out.

I have lots of readings coming up — several in the Seattle area, of course, but also scheduled events in NYC (March 3rd), Washington DC (March 4th), and Portland (June 11th). I'm working on Vancouver BC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for April and May. Check out the event listings for more details, and if you want to come to the NYC or DC events, be sure to let me know so I can get you on the evites!

(Thanks to yelahneb for this photo — and many others!)