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Goth cake toppers for your dark wedding tastes

By on Feb. 6th

Are you looking for a wedding cake topper that's as dark and delicious as your goth wedding plans? Well, I've rounded up a few goth cake toppers that might fit the bill. Check 'em out, and click on any photo to learn more about each cake topper.

I love the dark wedding outfits and the skeleton bride's fiery red hair!

These are not only an adorable vampire cake toppers, but also salt and pepper shakers.

Check out these raven figurines, set them next to each other on your cake.

39Tanya and Russ had more ornate raven cake toppers on their goth wedding cake, including chocolate wedding art.

You have to click on this topper to see the tongue detail!

Dark black cake topper is dark.

Tim Burton's animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas comes to life this fall in the form of Medicom's Kubricks!

I'd be a jackass not to include The Corpse Bride figurines in this roundup. This one comes with the doggie!

The arch detail looks like it's part of some awesome gothic church.

You could always go for some pretty black butterfly cake decorations.

How about a little Gothic Lolita bride figure action?

Artist is Kevin Prochaska (a Disneyland glass blower for 10 years!) explains: "I craft the entire piece from borosilicate crystal for strength and durability. Forming the shape of a heart is a stunning pair of winged glass dragons with their tails intertwined. "

Of course, this is my FAVORITE cake topper — the entwined dragons forming a heart from Fellowship Foundry.

Lara and Mark sculpted their own self-modeled cake toppers.

Bride of Frankentsein cake topper that includes a badass motorcycle? Um, awesome.

Best. Cake. Ever
Or you could have your cake maker design fondant skulls for the top of your cake, like Caitlin and Jos did.

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