Surprise wedding

By on Jan. 25th

Ted and Sarah's friends showed up to what they thought was "just a bbq" … but it was actually a wedding reception!

On August 5th, 2006, Ted Nordhaus and Sara Mann threw a surprise wedding in their backyard. The ceremony, at 2pm, was family only and afterwards there was a bbq, for which they had sent out an email invitation to many friends several weeks before. Ted and Sara had told their parents on the evening of August 4th that (a) they were getting married, and (b) the wedding was the next day. Their parents responded, mercifully, with great joy. Their friends showed up later that afternoon to what they thought was "just a bbq" but actually was the wedding reception. The day turned out to be better than Ted and Sara's wildest expectations, with their only regret being the absence of some who would have been there if they had known it was a wedding (that's the downside to the surprise wedding, for anyone else out there who might be considering it).

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