16 reasons to embrace the seduction of a rainy wedding

Photo by Leah and Mark

A gentle rainfall. Creamy pale lighting. You strolling arm in arm with your lover down a glistening sidewalk, the breeze gently tugging you both along. Sigh. Rainy days are so fucking romantic. Cease all anxieties about rainy weddings, dear ones. Find an adorable umbrella instead. Pose for steamy photos with your partner, hair dripping in your eyes. Look for rainbows! Trust — everything from overcast skies to a light mist to an epic downpour can bring some awesome sensuality to a wedding day, and these are the pics to prove it.

That lighting though: Like transparent whipped cream

Photo by Brandi Thompson

Did I say lighting? How about high-contrast, film-noir-esque photos?

Al & Lexie
Photo by Chris Williams

Seriously. You'll feel like you're in a musical.

neb and cristin115
Photo by Angelica Peady Photography

You might even feel like running around barefoot.

Photo from Chali Frog

Heck, you'll probably feel like you can conquer anything

Victoriously Married
Photo by BSC Photo Studio

Colors pop against shiny, wet pavement

Chloe_and_Tank 076
Photo from Chloe

You'll have photo ops you never would have thought of otherwise

Photo by Lucy Spartalis

Umbrellas are the perfect excuse to snuggle

Erin and Jeff off to Parliament Hill (in the rain) for pictures!
Photo by Jessica Blaine Smith Photography

The wind can do great things to a dress: Case in point

Oh the wind and rain
Photo by Leah

Come on. Is there anything sexier than playing in the rain?

AJ Wedding-320
Photo by Sarah Lee Welch Photography

Unless it's running through the rain. That might be sexier.

Who invited the oncoming storm?
Photo by Ginny McQueen

No, wait. Kissing in the rain. That's the sexiest.

Photo by Kate Hood

The accessories: this umbrella

The bride plus umbrella
Photo from SihayaDesigns

The accessories: THAT umbrella

Sheltered Bride
Photo by Rob Smart

You might get a rainbow. A double rainbow even.

Parkour Wedding
Photo by Neoklis Martin

But if you don't get a rainbow, know what? The sun will definitely still come out.

Photo by Kandise Brown
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  1. I got married on an overcast day and I really don't like the lighting. Everything looks weird. I have yet to figure out how to edit it so I like the colors better.

    • Funny… I got married on a rainy day and love the lighting in our photos. My photographer was actually pretty relieved about the overcast skies, because it's far harder to get lighting/angles/shadows right in the bright sun. We got some adorable umbrella photos, too. And the sun did come out eventually by the end of the wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

      4 agree
      • I guess I wanted more contrast from bright sun. Everything looks kind of muted and weird and it's ESPECIALLY weird because my hair is bright pink.

  2. YES! The lighting! My wedding day was cloudy and with some drizzling rain (and one shower which got us at the moment when horse carriage (open) arrived for us… big umbrellas FTW!). The only pictures where I don't like my face are from few sunny moments, when it was really hard to keep eyes open and stare into camera.

    1 agrees
  3. We're getting married in December (inches from booking!) so that we can plan for rain and be pleasantly surprised by sunshine. Love this post and also Inmara's reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. When our photographer did our engagement shoot it was overcast and our photographer mentioned that no bride ever wants it to be threatening rain on her wedding day but that it's the best weather for pictures. The morning of our wedding was warm and sunny (in a pleasant autumn way) but by noon it had clouded over (actually, it was pretty dark considering the day started off cloud free). Throughout getting ready, the ceremony (which was inside since I can't control the weather), and our photo shoot it was threatening rain. During our photo shoot there was even lighting off in the distance and it was drizzling for a bit (luckily we were safely covered). (Note: bright coloured umbrellas are great to get small children's attention while taking pictures.) Our photographer was getting text messages from a photographer who was shooting a wedding in the next town (a 20 min drive) and his girl friend (who was about an hour away) about how bad the weather was where they were (apparently torrential down pour, thunder storm and hail). We were pretty lucky. We got awesome pictures and it didn't start pouring where we were until everyone was safely inside for our reception.

    1 agrees
    • This! We are getting married outdoors in the Midwest, so it's not the drizzles that I'm worried about, it's those gosh darn thunderstorms. Late summer is tornado season, and although it is unlikely that a tornado will be in our area on the exact weekend of our wedding, the strong winds and torrential rain can still cause our venue to be unusable. Here's hoping that it's anywhere between light drops and clear skies.

      1 agrees
  5. I've always favoured rain over sunshine and winter over summer, so the thought of rain on our wedding does not fill me with dread. Plus it's all indoors anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

    It was pouring down with rain on the day of our engagement shoot and it was so weird but it stopped when we had scheduled to start so we were left with a gloomy grey sky that helped to enhance the atmosphere – particularly because the theme of our shoot was "Natural Born Killers" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Oh I love this post! I'm getting married in Scotland so I can pretty much guarantee a cloudy day, if not rain and I'm 100% okay with it because of how much I love wedding photos with umbrellas. I feel even better about it reading all the positive comments about the lighting and color contrast.

  7. It POURED rain on our wedding day. All of our pics turned out beautiful, full color saturation. I had a big red heart-shaped umbrella just in case, and we used it. It made the entire day very special as everyone had to stick together unless they wanted to get wet. While I'm not glad it rained, it didn't take away from our day.
    But, my advice is to make sure you have back-up rain plans if you plan to take pictures outside, and have a photo-worthy umbrella handy, just in case…

  8. My grandma always said "Rain on your wedding day is a good omen. It is harder to untie a wet knot".

    3 agree

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