Cards Against Matrimony: a game for the snark-loving bachelorette party

Guestpost by Ailea Sneller on Apr 23rd

We already know that Tribesmaids are great sources for kick-ass wedding games and Tribesmaid Ailea is no exception. Here's her tutorial for an awesome twist on Cards Against Humanity. She also has a Kickstarter project for the pro version! See below for details.

cards against matrimony bachelorette party gameLast year, I was put in charge of games for my dear friend Nicky's bachelorette party. I had no experience planning wedding party games, so I went online to look for ideas, and found plenty of them that were extremely lame. I felt like Nicky deserved better.

I was playing a lot of Cards Against Humanity at the time, so I was inspired to create a card game that honors the glorious institution that is matrimony, while also preparing my friend for the all frightening realities and ceremonial absurdity of our civilization's most fraught life-long commitment.

The game I made for Nicky on my laptop and home printer was a hilarious, absurd parody of our bizarre wedding culture and common marriage hang-ups, and was a big hit on her bachelorette night. It took me a couple of days and a bit of creativity to do it, but I'm convinced anyone can make one. It was awesome to have a more personalized, far funnier, and somewhat less-humiliating alternative to the game ideas I found on the internet. And hey, there's no reason you can't incorporate panties into it if you're into that sort of thing. Here's how it works:

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A Washington wedding weekend with a sweet circle ceremony

By on Apr 23rd

Looks like the fun started for Sam and Erin the day before their summer wedding… and by fun, I mean a completely chill, totally relaxing, sun-soaked evening by the water. The two brides swam and goofed off with loved ones to kick off their wedding weekend. The laid-back vibe carried over to the next day while the couple got ready together: Sam in strapless white and Erin in a jacket and cuffed pants. These two skipped the frill and went for details straight from the heart. The couple have got complementary jewelry going on (Erin's jeweled bolo tie, gah!!!), Sam wore a necklace that says "Erin," and the brides even walked into their ceremony circle together.

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Carly & Mike's elephant-themed wedding at the museum

By on Apr 23rd
Thank You Card Shot

Photos by Jennifer Roper

The Offbeat Bride: Carly, Health Economist (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Mike, Music Copyright and Publishing Agent

Date and location of wedding: Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA — October 12, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Mike Googled "unique wedding venue Los Angeles" and the OffBeat Bride blog post of another Tribesmaid's wedding at the Natural History Museum came up, so Mike suggested we check it out. We saw about seven other venues but absolutely fell in love with the museum and the dinosaurs — perfect for our geekdom, my science background, and the fact that we believe in evolution/are not religious.

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Time Warping, happy dads, and much celebrating with Liz Daley Events — the Virginia DJ who doesn't suck

By on Apr 22nd

We call this one "Liz and the Marine." (Photo by David Bestpitch)

Liz Daley (pictured above) is a Wedding Entertainment Director® — what does that mean? Well, that's a fancy title for "a DJ who doesn't suck." If that's exactly what you're searching for in the Virginia area, then you'll want to learn more about our sponsor Liz Daley Events, because she's more than just "a DJ who doesn't suck." Liz is the total package when it comes to wedding entertainment, and all that it entails.

Hell, even if you're not looking for a DJ, or you're not on the East Coast, you're going to want to keep scrolling just for the awesome photos of dancing dads…

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Who the hell cares: important lessons from partners who aren't as interested in wedding planning

Guestpost by Ursikai on Apr 22nd
Awkward Family Photo Session-5644

"Omg, what do you think about my dress, and the flowers, and my hair." "Um… what?" Photo by Photo Madly

My future husband and I are nearing the six-month mark until our wedding, and planning and preparations are ramping up. One detail that's been plaguing me ever since I bought my dress has been figuring out what I'm going to do with the length. It's a beautiful, full-length gown, absolutely outstanding as it is. But I've always loved the idea of a tea-length gown. So cute and flirty. Slightly offbeat, while still looking vintage and chic. So much easier to dance in.

So I go back and forth, back and forth, on this decision. The past six weeks or so, I was gung-ho about getting it shortened. Then, one night, I was telling my partner about how I was once again reconsidering. While I listed out the pros and cons of leaving my dress full-length, I could see his eyes begin to glaze over. "Mm-hmm," he said as I talked, stifling a yawn.

Which was when I realized: Who the hell cares?

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Jay & Pepe's rural crafty New Zealand wedding

By on Apr 22nd

Photos by Paul Petch

The Offbeat Bride: Jay, Student/Academic

Her offbeat partner: Pepe, Artist

Date and location of wedding: Woodbridge Gardens and Coatesville Settlers Hall, Coatesville, Auckland, New Zealand — March 1, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We wanted everyone to have fun and not have anything be too formal or stuffy. We told people to wear whatever they felt comfortable in, and that children were welcome for the whole shebang (which made the whole day 100 times more amusing!).

We had a bunch of lawn games to keep guests entertained. We put so much work into the whole day, relying very little on traditional wedding vendors, and a whole lot more on our friends and family to really make the day special.

We had a major goal of keeping costs down, so I hand-made the bridal party's bouquets using paper kusudama flowers, and made the boutonnieres as well. I also made a bunch of extra flowers for our centrepieces.

I sourced second-hand jars, and Pepe and I spent many an hour wrapping them with lace and twine. I drank far too much soda, allowing us to avoid buying pre-made twine wrapped bottles for the centrepieces (although, that may have worked out cheaper, considering how much soda I drank!).

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How do you deal with potentially homophobic guests at your gay-friendly wedding?

By on Apr 21st
Our Adorable Cake Topper

Cake topper photo By Christy of Carpe Diem Photography

My future husband and I were recently trying to pare down the guest list again (for the 3000th time) and decided to eliminate some non-essential people that we feel have acted homophobic in the past. I like these people, but I don't want any guest at my wedding to feel uncomfortable because some drunk guy in the corner is having a hard time with LGBTQ people dancing and making merriment together.

It's not that I think these bad-belief people would cause a scene, but I would be heartbroken if one of them said something as a side comment that was overheard by one of my friends, or if I overheard something like that — because I would be angry, and sad, and possibly throwing things.

So the homophobic-tendency people are off the list, and I can live with that — but what if this happens anyway, because I missed someone on the list with views I didn't know about?

I know I can't control the moral judgements of all of my guests, but I am not sure what to do if this situation arises at the wedding. I hope I am being anxious for no reason, but I guess I want to have a plan if this really happens. Ordinarily, when I hear someone say something homophobic, I respond. I get that I will likely be too busy to notice, but it would crush me to hear about it later.

Has anyone else ever had a problem like this happen to them? How did you handle it? Do you have family that is prejudiced, and how did you handle knowing about their issues, and reconciling that with your wedding guests? -delicateflower

This is an important issue — we all want ALL our guests to feel comfortable, avoid awkwardness, and enjoy the wedding. Previously, we've addressed the concept of actively supporting marriage equality at your wedding. But now it's time to have a conversation about curbing homophobic discussions amongst your guests.

We decided to ask two of the Offbeat Bride Tribe's moderators to weigh in. First let's hear from moderator SparksinKY who has some awesome suggestions from an ally perspective…

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You must behold this Harry Potter wedding, complete with exploding Goblet of Fire

By on Apr 21st

Harry Potter fans, sit up and take notice! Joshua and Meredith had an amazingly themed-out wedding paying homage to the Boy Who Lived. The colors were Hogwarts houses (that would be red for Gryffindor, yellow for Hufflepuff, blue for Ravenclaw, and green for Slytherin, of course), the cake pops were Golden Snitches, Meredith wore a time turner, and the guestbook was nothing less than The Monster Book of Monsters. Guests got wands as favors, Hedwig stood guard over the programs, and Joshua and Meredith said their vows over an exploding Goblet of Fire while a Snape-look-alike presided over all. No, really: their officiant wore a wig and everything. That's dedication to a theme, yo.

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Emma & Richard's theater-meets-adorable-baby wedding

By on Apr 21st
Waving to guests

Photos by George Hixson

The Offbeat Bride: Emma, writer/editor

Her offbeat partner: Richard, software developer

Date and location of wedding: Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas — November 30, 2013

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Richard likes to call himself a song and dance man, and I like to write, so we wanted a wedding that merged both those themes but didn't break the bank. He has tons of talented friends and connections, so we involved friends and family as much as we could. We held it at the Alley Theatre, the local Houston theatre downtown.

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