I'm a combo platter of femininity and masculine traits: where's my wedding suit?

Guestpost by ell107 on Nov. 26th

Ever since the day I proposed to my lovely future wife, I have had the overwhelming, looming dread that I knew would accompany shopping for my wedding outfit. Being in a same-sex relationship (or "a relationship" as most of us know it…) I have been subject to a barrage of questions regarding what I would be wearing for the wedding. I might be described as an athletic, makeup-free, combo platter of femininity and masculine traits, therefore people were overly concerned about my attire.

My future wife already had an image in her head of what she would wear before I even proposed, so she had no problems finding her wedding dress within two weeks of the proposal. It was very apparent that my journey would be much longer, and would involve far more bourbon.

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A nest of eggs? Seven pounds of iron? These 25 epic non-floral bouquets will ignite your creativity

By on Nov. 26th

Felt and paper bouquets are super popular for good reason — they're fucking awesome! And you can keep them around a hell of a lot longer than real flowers. But I am here to tell you that there are oh so many more options for your alternative bouquet. Believe it or don't, but 25 is just a fraction of the examples we've got squirreled away on Offbeat Bride in our non-floral bouquet archive.

You want metal? Sure — copper or iron? Or maybe you want seashells? Twigs? Holiday ornaments? EGGS? You want to go super old-school with a sheaf of wheat?! We got you covered, y'all. Love a particular bouquet? Click on its photo to read the full post about the wedding it came from!

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Ansley & Derrick's love-packed dance party wedding

By on Nov. 26th

The Offbeat Bride: Ansley, Quality Assurance Specialist

Her offbeat partner: Derrick, Mechanical Engineer

Date and location of wedding: Aurora Gallery, Queens, NY — October 25, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Pulling off a wedding in New York City for 80 people at under $15,000 is pretty tough, but by using Aurora Gallery, a raw space, and choosing all the details ourselves, we were able to keep costs down. Food was our first priority, and most of the budget. To save on staff and dishes, we had a buffet with fancy plastic ware and everyone loved the soul food: chicken parmesan, mac 'n' cheese, pulled pork, and crab cakes.

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5 money-savvy methods for lowering your wedding expenses (plus one awesome deal from Rocker in Love!)

By on Nov. 25th

Raise your hand if you've entered a drawing at a wedding show? Googled "wedding venue discounts?" Checked out the "offbeat discount" tag on Offbeat Bride? You might be looking for a deal, and to that we all can relate. Weddings are hella expensive, but sometimes couples can respectfully negotiate discounts. Here are our five tips for getting the best deals from wedding vendors — AND one very special promotion from an Offbeat Bride sponsor (super enticing for bargain-hunters!).

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"Colin Firth in a wet shirt" has nothing on this gorgeous, surprise Austenland-themed bridal shower

Guestpost by Yume Lee on Nov. 25th

As the quote from Austenland says "all I'd have to do is say 'Colin Firth in a wet shirt' and you'd say 'ah.'" Alternately, all I have to do is show you this bridal shower to make you say "AH!"

When Michelle and I first met, we bonded over our love of all things geeky: otaku culture, cosplay, comic books, video games, and of course… Jane Austen.

Naturally, when Austenland came out last year, we watched it. And when I say "watched it" I mean that there wasn't a single weekend in this year where we both didn't watch this movie together, or separately, and then quoted it back to each other.

When Michelle asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I knew that the one thing I had to do was throw her a surprise Austenland-themed bridal shower — re-creating an outdoor tea party like the one depicted in the movie, complete with its mashup of vintage and modern contraptions.  

For all of us geeks who romanticize period films, here how you can throw your own Austenland bridal shower…

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Erin & Samantha's candlelight in the woods wedding

By on Nov. 25th

The Offbeat Bride: Erin, Speech Therapist

Her offbeat partner: Samantha, US Army and volunteer Firefighter

Date and location of wedding: Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Whispering Lakes Resort in our hometown of Tipton, Michigan — August 9, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We chose to have a DIY wedding. It wasn't necessarily any less expensive, but we could create our own vision. Samantha is a rustic, woodsy, outdoorsy kind of girl and I love anything that sparkles. You're not going to find a traditional wedding that will fit us both. One of our favorite parts was the way our bridal party looked. We wanted the girls to choose their own dress that represented my sparkle side and made them feel beautiful at the same time. They all ended up choosing an amazing dress and accessories and it all fit together so beautifully. For the bridesmen, we wanted them to be relaxed and comfortable. Samantha took over menswear and complimented the women perfectly with their more rustic approach. My dress was a collaboration between myself and the designer, Meghann Zeko, to create a classic lace dress and Sammy chose a feminine, yet simplistic strapless dress by Vera Wang. Even our dog, Olly, walked down the aisle in an adorable burlap and pearl dress.

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8 of America's most unique wedding venues

Guestpost by Tom from Lovesick on Nov. 24th

Lovesick Map 2015

This January and February, the Lovesick Expo is once again embarking on a nationwide tour, alongside our professional besties at Offbeat Bride. Our goal has always been to bring the most creative couples and wedding vendors together under one roof to show the best, most creative wedding talent in each city — beyond the Google searches and reality TV shows.

When we first dreamed up this idea, the most important thing to us was that we could find a host venue that also celebrated the independent spirit. We wanted a space that shared our ideals revolving around music, art, and love. We wanted a space that felt a little bit punk rock, a little chill, and most importantly, doubled as a kick-ass wedding venue.

Since you may be on the venue hunt, and we've already done the legwork by scouring the country, we thought we'd put together this little profile of eight of the best venues we've found across the nation!

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A pinup-style bride and a sexy dancing Marine rocked their Ohio wedding

By on Nov. 24th

Ah, military weddings: when couples gotta do what they gotta do. Michelle and Johnathon got legalled about two years ago, right before he deployed to Afghanistan — no time for a wedding celebration then! Fast forward to this past August, when Michelle and Johnathon finally got to have their cake and eat it too (and, you know, invite guests and wear fancy clothes and dance and stuff).

They celebrated the tying of their knot at MAPS Air Museum in Ohio. Who needs a lot of decor when you've got frickin' planes scattered around your venue? Still, keep on the alert for adorable details like a globe guestbook, patriotic paper straws, and a mailbox for cards. I've got a few other treats in store for you too — sexy, dancing groom, anyone?

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Cait & Matt's nerdy art deco and TARDIS blue wedding

By on Nov. 24th

The Offbeat Bride: Cait, fiction book editor for Bear and Black Dog Editing

Her offbeat partner: Matt, tech support

Date and location of wedding: The Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom, Portland OR — June 15, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Matt and I are both atheists and feminists, and we wanted the whole wedding process to reflect that. We had a secular celebrant from the Center for Inquiry instead of a priest or judge, and because we still wanted a shared family name, we both added a second last name upon marriage instead of one partner taking the other's. We're also both quite nerdy, so we tossed around some nerdy themes early on and couldn't decide! So our wedding ended up having hints of all our nerdy obsessions (Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Buffy, Firefly, and more).

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Colorado's Carrie Swails Photography is your ticket to geeky, quirky, and rockin' photo bliss

By on Nov. 21st


Couples in Colorado: meet your new photographer best friend. Want to know why? Because this chick is a full-on Lord of the Rings-loving, too many dogs-owning (or can there be too many?), Simon Pegg-quoting, awkward pose-hating, ultra rad photographer who totally embraces ALL your offbeat quirks. I'm talking about Denver- and Boulder-based Carrie Swails Photography.

We've talked about her before, and we already know that Tribesmaids and readers love her. Now you get to meet her and see if she's your wedding photographer match. I have a feeling she just might be.

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Ruche's cutie-cute wedding shoes

By on Nov. 21st

Valentine Pumps By B.A.I.T. Footwear

We all know I loves me some Modcloth, but today I want to poke around in ShopRuche.com's collection of shoes.

The joy of Rouche is that their shoes are definitely focused on the more affordable side of things. I've got shoes ranging from $30 up to about $150 — but there are no $2300 designer heels here. (Of note for my budget brides: Ruche has a whole section of affordable shoes under $50.)

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